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Building a Better Tomorrow Today
Follow our road map to a healthy family and join thousands of The Family First Project's happy households promoting health and wellness around the world while on their journey to financial freedom.
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Healthy Family

going green
Health and Wellness



Dear Future Team Member:

The Family First Project is your map to a happy and healthy family through direct consumer products scientifically engineered and organically produced to improve the wellbeing of your household.

While hundreds of products packaged and bottled with harmful additives stock your favorite stores' shelves, our business model and product line's synergy coordinates specifically to eliminate such preservatives and additives by maintaining a predicable production rate that sees products shipped to the customer less than thirty days after they were produced.

This is not multilevel marketing, far from it. There are no inventories to keep. You will never buy more than you use in your household. You choose to participate as a partner or simply purchase as a customer. Similar to Sam's or Costco in structure, we are an online club you must be a member of to purchase products, but unlike Sam's and Costco we offer superior products at lower prices made in the USA and shipped to your door, supporting local farmers, producers, and delivery services.

Together, customers and partners build our brand each day, and everyday, the billion dollar product line they support changes lives around the world. Our product line and company do not only improve health and wellness, with over a billion in annual sales, they give back financially. The additional profit through direct marketing and avoiding retail costs by staying off store shelves is shared with customers and paid to partners, as the company has since 1985.

Our mission is to improve your wellness, in turn, improving the wellbeing of our team members. Join us! Live your life and improve your health with products you're missing out on. Seek and reach the bountiful freedom associated with financial independence. Do it for your family as part of a team that puts family first because we work with a company that insists we do so, proven to do the same, reflected in its products and business model.

Kindest regards,

Brock and Lauren Ventura
Senior Partners

Family First Project

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